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Welcome to the IntraHealth Learning Exchange, our corporate hub for training and professional development. Here you will find courses to help you gain new skills or refresh your knowledge. The courses linked here have been developed by IntraHealth staff and a number of other external eLearning developers such as USAID, Harvard, and the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.

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LEx offers a wide variety of computer-based classes on topics such as Human Resources Management, HIV/AIDS, Program Management, and Behavior Change Communication. It also has classes on more general interest topics such as how to moderate a Collaborate webinar session. Some courses are only available at specific times, as part of a college semester, and will be marked accordingly. If you don't see what you're looking for, feel free to request a class through the course request form. We'd also love to hear about any eLearning courses you've found that might be of interest to the organization.

Course Highlights

An Introduction to Adobe Connect is now available here.

The Conflict of Interest course is available in the following languages:

English | French | Spanish

In this ongoing series, Dr. Martha Carlough presents Technical Updates on a series of maternal, neonatal, and children's health topics. Enrolled students will receive updates as new material is added.

Download a PowerPoint presentation on how to access LEx courses here.

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AIDS | Community Change in Public Health | Foundations of Gender Equality in the Health Workforce
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Conflict of Interest | Inventory Management | IT Computer and Network Policy | Serenic Timekeeping
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